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December 22, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Erica

What a brilliant term we’ve had at the Street Dance after school club at Palace Wood. Our theme was winter sports, and we started the term by naming all the winter sports we knew. We then drew on these to inspire us to choreograph our street dance.

Our warm-ups each week included fun, winter movements like ‘ice’ where we had to balance on one leg in a spikey position to ‘sledge’ where we had to find a friend to sit down behind them and pretend to sledge down a hill.

The first winter sport we focused on was the bobsleigh and the group split up into 4 man bobsleigh teams, each giving themselves their own team name. They pushed it down the ice track and jumped in one after another before gathering speed and twisting and turning.

The children then got dressed putting on their snow boots and ski goggles to take on downhill skiing. They loved the funky ski jump move as they slalomed down the mountain and they even attempted a big jump off the snow slopes!

Their group pieces were finished off with a good old snowball fight where they all demonstrated such creative ideas. The children worked cohesively, and loved performing to the rest of the group. One child said ” I’ve loved street dancing and can’t wait for next term” and neither can I.