Ashford, Faversham, Folkestone and Tunbridge Wells
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TRS South Kent was the very first franchise. Georgie launched it in March 2018.

The South Kent branch covers Ashford, Faversham, Folkestone and Tunbridge Wells as well as all the towns and villages in between.
"Dance is my biggest passion and has been since I started at the age of 2! I love the sense of freedom and creativity you can get from it. When I finished my University course it was a very easy decision for me as to what I wanted to do next. I wanted to share my love and passion for dance with anybody and everybody, so I decided to become a dance teacher.

I found The Right Step Dance Company shortly after completing the DASP course at Loop Dance Company. I met with Rebecca, the company’s Director, who explained what TRS does, where and why, and immediately wanted to get on board.
I have been teaching for TRS for 4 years now and have loved every second of it. I have taken every opportunity to train and extend my knowledge with TRS such as Active Armchairs and Educating Dance. It gives such a wonderful sense of community and every single participant enjoys the sessions. It’s about adapting and being flexible and knowing that no two classes are the same! It’s lovely to meet so many fantastic people who are all completely different, but they all have a love for movement!

That’s why I wanted to start a Franchise. I know The Right Step is successful and now, not only am I passionate about dance, I am passionate about the work TRS do too. I want to be able to give everybody the opportunity to dance and create. I want people to feel that sense of freedom that dance can give you and ultimately, I want people to have a brilliant time."

Contact TRS South Kent using these details. Georgie launched TRS SK in 2018 and covers Ashford, Faversham, Folkestone,Tunbridge Wells and everywhere in between.

Sun Pier House, Medway Street,
Chatham, Kent
Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 6 PM
Hours are extended for events
Call Rebecca on