Canterbury, Dover, Herne Bay and Margate
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East Kent launched was launched by Jess in 2020.

The East Kent branch covers Canterbury, Dover, Herne Bay and Margate as well as all the towns and villages in between.

Director of TRS East Kent, Jess Smith, tells us more about her journey with The Right Step and why she started her franchise…
"I started dance because I had energy and passion when moving to music at home, going in to dance was the best way to further my passion. My first dance class was at the age of 3, taking part in ballet, tap, freestyle and modern Jazz. I took part in shows and exams, right up to the age of 16 where I started college studying Dance. I particularly enjoyed ballet, I was the oldest one in my class and the most advanced. This meant I had a lot of younger dancers looking up to me and asking me for help inside and outside the class, this gave me the confidence I needed to push myself to be the best I could be.

I found The Right Step when on an event held in Chatham in 2016, The Rats Bay Shindig. I started as a volunteer, attending as many classes as I could, watching as many different teachers and taking part in many training sessions held by The Right Step. I then went on to work my way up through the company, becoming a Level 1 teacher, then Level 2, and finally taking part in Active Armchairs and Educating Dance training. I also volunteered in the office.
My drive for teaching comes from seeing the dancers faces when they have achieved something they had previously found difficult, or the expressions made when their grownups arrive to watch their hard work from the term. I work closely with each group to help assist each dancer with their movements, whether created by me or on their own, to get reach that sense of achievement and excitement each session.

The Right Step has helped me achieve this by offering support and guidance to improve my way of thinking during each class. I have achieved so much personally and professionally since joining The Right Step that I want to allow others across East Kent to experience the same. Every dance teacher has their own goals, whether it is to teach children, to work with adults, to mentor, all three or more. The Right Step offers guidance and support to allow each teacher to reach and explore their goals.

Every organisation The Right Step works with expects a certain level of professionalism and has their own goals for each lesson we provide. Whether the aim is creativity or dance for the sake of dancing, the teacher is fully aware of what to expect and guided on how to achieve this.

All of the above points have pushed me to be where I am today, working on the East Kent franchise. I want to allow other teachers, organisations and participants to have the same experience I have during the years I have worked with The Right Step."

You can contact The Right Step in East Kent using these details. Jess and her team will be able to help you with lessons in Canterbury, Dover, Herne Bay, Margate and everywhere in between.

Sun Pier House, Medway Street,
Chatham, Kent
Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 6 PM
Hours are extended for events
Call Jess on
07850 644 633