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December 22, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Erica

What an incredible time I’ve had at Palace Wood this term. It was the turn of KS1 to do cheer dance and the excitement was high from the first class.

The children learnt the names of various cheer motions and about punch and power to give their movements strength and precision. The children loved it, especially when one of the motions was the same initial as their name.

We explored various basic pyramids in smaller groups and they were all so supportive and encouraging towards one another, allowing every one to have a turn. “This is so much fun” said one child as she was smiling in the middle of her 2 friends.

In small groups, the children used various body parts to inspire them to create their own movements and then combined travelling movements to transition between them.

Getting the poms poms out is always the best part and it’s delightful to see the childrens faces light up. The group learnt about the use of cannon and working together to create various lines and patterns in their dance.

In their last lesson of term, I was given a big group hug and they were saying “we love you Erica” which was so heart-warming to hear.