Dance in SchoolsSchoolsSports Dance at Snodland Primary

December 21, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Jenny

This term at Snodland C of E Primary our theme was Sports dance. We combined different movements of different sports with creative dance and street dance.

We started off the term by exploring different sports and the types of movement involved. The children looked at sports such as tennis, football, basketball, gymnastics and archery. We talked about the sports that they have tried and enjoyed and played lots of games to explore the types of movement involved in each sport. We then created a short dance together mixing sport movements with street dance movements. Once they had learnt the movement we used different dynamics to make the dance more varied.

The children then picked their favourite sport, gymnastics and we created more movements using a prop – the rhythmic ribbon. They loved using this prop and it really allowed them to explore movements they hadn’t used before. They also used different balances and patterns with the ribbons. The children loved finding their own ways of moving and really enjoyed working independently too. They used expression in their dancing which fantastic to see. I was so proud of what they produced and it was lovely to see them really develop and grow in confidence throughout the term.

‘I loved using the ribbons to spin around and find my balance’ – Lyla

‘I have really enjoyed dance club, thank you for teaching me’ – Emily