Written by TRS Teacher, Jenny

I visited Kingswood Primary School to deliver an Encanto inspired workshop to their Reception and Year 1 children. The class had been learning about Encanto this term and I went along to give them a special workshop to celebrate the end of the school year.

Their Educating dance workshop incorporated themes from the Disney film as well as learning about the dance and music of the country it is set in – Columbia. Our Warm up included some movements inspired by the film and the key features of Columbian dance and music. We looked at the importance of the house and family in the film to inspire movements and we also looked at footwork, the use of rhythm and using our bodies to create sound and movement. All of these features then played a part in the dance routine that the children learnt.

I then taught them a short routine using the key features. They even learnt a basic salsa step! Once they had learnt the routine we added in some scarfs as a prop and adapted the movement using it. The children loved using the scarfs and seeing all of the colours flying around the room. They particularly loved turning round with their scarfs and then throwing them up in the air and catching them. It was so lovely to see them be free in their movement.

I then asked the children to get into groups and create a family picture shape. I asked them to individually pick a still position to tell me what their special talent or power was and then put that into their family picture. There were some great ideas and each group created a unique picture just like at the end of the film. I then asked them to create 3 different movements with their scarves to explore some ideas in the film. We had some flowers that were made, some family circles as the children enjoyed spinning round holding their scarfs together and some great ideas of moving the scarfs in different directions to create lots of patterns.

I was so impressed by how much the children were able to learn and create and the wonderful ideas that they demonstrated. It was a great way to end my Educating Dance teaching this academic year.