Dance in SchoolsSchoolsAfrican Animals

September 5, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Rachel

We had a fantastic last term at St.Peter’s which was celebrated by children performing their dance in-front of their parents. It was a beautiful animal dance inspired by African animals!

Children thoroughly enjoyed learning about animals in South Africa and I loved sharing my experience from my hometown. We enjoyed exploring different props as a stimulus such as a traditional African cloth with animal markings and prints. This helped to inspire movements to represent different animals and  patterns of animal skins. For example tapping movements down arms and legs to represent the spots on a giraffe. 🦒

All the children chose the animals and movements for the dance then we combined them. They worked together beautifully and supported each other well. We had a wild and wonderful term imagining we were animals in Africa, splashing in the water hole and exploring our wonderful land! Children also loved wearing animal masks during their performance!