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April 20, 2022by R.Ashton

During the Easter Holidays we were invited to deliver dance in a number of HAF Programme holiday clubs across Kent. Every session was so different and all of the participants, club staff and TRS Teachers had so much fun delivering them. Below Jenny and Rachel talk about the fun they had at two of the holiday clubs, Loose Primary and Medway Sport’s holiday club at Strood Sports Centre. We’d like to thank both providers for the quotes and photos they gave us and shared on social media. It’s always great to hear about everything that goes on!

Written by TRS Teacher, Jenny

I had such a fun time at Loose Primary school delivering 2 sessions for their holiday club.

We started off with Dance Fitness. We started with a few warm up games including a game of ‘Jenny says’ – I got them moving in lots of different ways but they were very good at the game and I didn’t manage to catch them out!

Next they learnt a dance routine which included lots of dance fitness movements to get our bodies stretching and pumping the blood around the body! We then added in some Pom Poms to adapt the movement and give us extra energy!

The children then got into groups and created their own movements and ideas. There were some great ideas and team work from the groups.

“I can feel my heart beating fast”

“I love using the Pom Poms to make my movements bigger”

The second session of the day was a Educating Dance based on the theme of nutrition and healthy eating. We started off with a warm up game exploring healthy and unhealthy foods using high and fast movements for healthy foods and low and slow ones for unhealthy foods to get us thinking about how the food we eat can make us feel.

Next we played an improvisation game where the children had to come up with a movement for a food that we might put on our shopping list. They also had to use their memories to put all the movements together. They did so well as there were a lot of movements to remember.

The children then learnt a dance sequence using their bodies to make a healthy smoothy- they explored the words, chop, wash, peel, pour, wizz. We used different dynamics for each movement.

We then talked about the idea of a balanced diet. The children created a triangular shape within their groups to show the food groups triangle. Then they created 3 different balances in their groups. There were some excellent ideas and they worked well together.

We finished off the session with the parachute. We used different props on the parachute to show the different food groups and how much of each we should have in our diet. The children then had the challenge of moving the parachute in lots of different ways but trying to balance all the props on top of it! A lot of fun was had and all the props ended on the floor!

TRS Teacher Rachel about Medway Sport’s Holiday Clubs at Strood Sports Centre.

We had a fantastic time at Strood Sports Centre during the Easter holidays. Children from different schools and a mixture of ages came together to do dancing – what better way to spend the holidays! They learnt a street dance to ‘Melody’ by Sigala and thoroughly enjoyed exploring different arm and hand gestures as well as popping and locking. They also enjoyed adding their own moves into the dance and working in pairs. It was wonderful to see children come out of their shells and become more confident as the session went on.

We then moved on to using coloured scarves for creative dance. Children loved thinking of different ways they could use the scarves such as capes, kites, flowers, wedding veils etc! Wonderful creativity and colour lit up the room as we combined different movements to create another dance. Children then performed these dances to then event organiser. The organisers were so impressed and moved by what they had learnt in a short space of time. Well done everyone and Happy Easter! 🐣

“We invited The Right Step Dance Company in to deliver some dance on our Easter Sports Camps at Strood Sports Centre. From first contact they were helpful and insightful to what they would be able to offer to the children – and they certainly did not disappoint. The instructors we had on site were professional, engaging and fun! The children loved the dance sessions and used their time to learn dances with and without props that were supplied by the teachers. What I really enjoyed seeing was the amount of opportunity the children were given to be creative and share their ideas within the group, allowing their confidence and creativity to shine through. I will definitely be using The Right Step in future and cannot wait to welcome them back in the summer!” Hollie Reader, Medway Sport, April 2022