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May 3, 2022by R.Ashton


As part of this year’s Age of Creativity Festival, we want dancers At Any Age, For Any Ability, to help us raise awareness of seated dance and boost the amount of dance creativity within care homes by simply learning a dance!

This year’s trainee Active Armchairs Facilitators choreographed the dance with TRS Company Director, Rebecca. It’s designed to be easily adaptable so you can make it your own and dancers anywhere can have a go. Dance Teachers are encouraged to take it into whatever dance lesson they’re teaching too so it can be a group dance or for individuals. You can choose to perform it in a chair, standing, moving around the room, vigorously, softly, repetitively, in a complicated way… the choices are endless and they’re yours to make!┬áThe music is Shake Your Tail Feather by The Blues Brothers Tribute Band.

We filmed two versions for you and both videos are below. We’re keen to show you that everyone can dance it in their own way, how they feel like moving today. You can do this in a dance class, in your home, at school, in your living room, anywhere you like.

When you’ve learnt the dance and made it your own, we’d love to see it so please share it with us. We’re on social media and using #ageofcreativity We can’t wait to see your version!

Tips for adapting the dance…

  • Do it seated, standing or a combination of both
  • Do movements in miniature, giant or a combination
  • Repeat your favourite movements

Please ensure anyone dancing has sufficient space to dance in, adapts the movement accordingly and warms up appropriately.

Find out more about Age of Creativity here:

Find our more about Active Armchairs here:

Video 1
This is the slightly simpler version, but there are plenty of ways to make it even easier to dance if you want to.

Video 2
This is the trickier version. You can do it like this, make it even harder or simplify it in your own way.