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June 7, 2023by R.Ashton

Georgina has described this group as a ‘real present’ and has had a wonderful time working with them. Incredibly creative, they’ve even named themselves, Ulcombe Dance Squad! In her blog, Georgina describes the process and performance of Ulcombe Dance Squad’s pupil led presentation.

Well done dancers, you’ve done an amazing job!

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It’s been an exciting term at Ulcombe Church of England Primary School. The school has a real family feel to it, and many of the children in The “Ulcombe Dance Squad” are cousins or sisters.

The children were especially keen to learn about Street Dance. They collaborated on a pupil-led presentation which included two short dance pieces and a small dramatic scene which tied in with King Charles lll’s coronation. Five of the children portrayed Royal Family members coming to watch the squad’s performance.

The children demonstrated masses of enthusiasm and brimmed with creativity as they devised a plot which depicted Ulcombe Dance Squad performing a ballet warm up, as the Royal Family observed. One of the dancers then interjected to the King that Ballet isn’t the real passion of the Dance Squad, but is, in fact, Street Dance.

The rehearsal of the ballet warm up.

A quick costume change of the children’s own devising ensued. The King, outraged that he wasn’t going to be watching a Classical Ballet Spectacle, ordered the girl be taken away, and vocalised his disapproval.

The Street Dance rehearsal

However, his family eventually persuaded him to change his mind and he even agreed to become a participant in the Dance, along with his family members. Changing their crowns for Street Dance garb, the Royal family agreed “if you can’t beat them, join them”! They then formed the front line of the dancers and led them in a series of Street Dance moves.

The children had lots of fun and positive learning experiences as they orchestrated their own group dances and duets to add to the second part of the Street Dance piece. In pairs the children used props to add another dimension to the performance.

The Dance Club sessions culminated in a presentation shown to the children’s parents, who gave them plenty of praise and encouragement, clapping all the way through the Street Dance piece. There was a real feel-good factor to the whole process as the children elaborated on characters and costumes. The children learned to collaborate together as they smoothed out the way they related to each other in order to produce something that each group member felt happy with.

Some shy children even came out of their shells to show their true acting and dancing talents. One of the youngest members of the group, Rebecca, dazzled the audience with her interpretation of a DJ mixing their decks, complete with beat box sound effects. She stole the show in her group piece, as her peers carried her, through the air, walking with confidence.

It’s been a real joy teaching this talented bunch as they wove drama and dance together to form exciting possibilities.