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June 8, 2023by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Erica

I can’t believe how quickly this half term has gone and it’s seen another fantastic Cheer Dance club at Palace Wood.

Our theme was High School Musical and we kicked off the term by learning the basic cheerleading motions. The children worked together in pairs to first make the letter shapes on the floor before transitioning and performing them standing up. We spoke about ‘little and big doughnuts’ which refers to how we hold our hands and also gave way to lots of giggles and discussions about our favourite doughnuts we like to eat.

Throughout the term we’ve explored different formations used in cheer dancing and the 2 P’s – Punch and Power ( as I call them), which every dancer needs to have to be able to perform the motions correctly.

Working together in small groups, the children also created their own chants calling themselves the ‘Palace Wood Performers’. These were then performed to the whole group and it was great to see so their creative juices flow and them present them with such energy.

In week 4, we looked at pictures of basic cheerleading balances and recreated them in small groups. The children then went on to create their own with some excellent results.

I’ve had so much fun this term, and together, we have choreographed a routine to ‘We’re All in this Together’ which they will be performing at the school summer fayre!

Hearing comments like “I love cheer dance” and “it’s so much fun” let’s me know that the children have all had a fantastic time.