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September 28, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by Jenny, TRS Teacher and Active Armchairs Facilitator

My first year as an Active Armchairs Facilitator

1 year ago, I completed my Active Armchairs training and what a year its been. I have really enjoyed teaching my Active Armchairs sessions and feel that I have developed a whole new skill as a teacher. It is such a rewarding and heartwarming experience teaching the residents and I always come away feeling a sense of pride and happiness that I have been able to make a difference.

Most of the homes that I visit, I only go once a month and sometimes this can be a challenge. However, I have still been able to build relationships with the participants and get to know them. I love hearing their stories, their likes and dislikes, the types of music they enjoy and love seeing their faces light up when I get the props out. I have also had the opportunity to cover for other TRS teachers when they are unable to teach their classes and this has been great to meet even more people and gain even more experience.

Some of my favourite moments have been seeing the difference that the exercises we do have had an impact on the participants mobility. I have noticed the difference in their ability to raise their arms improve, their grip of the props, their willingness to try new exercises. It is so lovely when they thank you for helping them feel better.

I have also been lucky enough to experience when family members join in and experience the session with their loved ones. This is an extra special experience when they move and dance together and sometimes sing to each other too. It is so heartwarming.

Each home is different, each participant is different, but the joy that I see the participants have from taking part in Active Armchairs is seen in all the homes that I visit.