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May 28, 2023by R.Ashton

This year we teamed up with Wouldham All Saints Primary School to deliver three clubs… Cheer Dance, Contemporary and Fun Fitness, which is the club this blog is about. The primary school has fantastic facilities and a school full of pupils eager to participate, enjoy themselves and keep fit.

In this blog post Jenny talks about her Fun Fitness Club and how they’ve enjoyed playing games, using props and keeping fit all within the theme of space! If you’ve read any of Jenny’s blog posts before, you’ll know that she shares some creative and unexpected ideas that come together to form brilliant lessons.

Enjoy reading!

To find out more about government guidelines for physical activity for children and young people, click here.

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This term, at Wouldham All Saints Primary School, our Fun Fitness club’s theme was space. Although I had done a space theme at a different school the previous term I had so many ideas for our fun fitness club that I decided to go for it and I am glad I did.

The children at this club like to have a clear structure of tasks and like to know how the lesson is going to go. So we always start with our warm up which links to the theme and then do a task that explores the space within the room. We then have a follow the leader task where the children get their chance to create a movement for the rest of the class to follow, they then have a creative task to get them moving and a fun ‘games’ section with props and equipment – each week had different tasks, but followed the same structure.

We have explored space ships, shooting stars, aliens, planets, gravity, the moon and astronauts.

For Alien week we made our bodies look like different alien pictures in groups, used different body parts to move in lots of ways, had an alien assault course race, designed our own aliens using different equipment and then used the equipment in lots of fun fitness ways.

For Gravity week we pretended, if we had no gravity in space how would we move? As a starter task the children were space detectives and had to crack the code to find out our topic for the week. This settled the children and got them excited about the session. The ‘follow the leader’ task worked well as I used a really slow piece of music which was great for the children to move to as a contrast to our fast paced movement.

We also played a game of balance the star beanbag on different body parts whilst moving from one side of the room to the other.

For Planet week we started the lesson with a starter drawing activity – they had to draw their own planet – later on they then created a movement to resemble their planet – they really thought about the shapes they had drawn and how they recreated them with their bodies. For our cool down game we used our giant dice and some space yoga stretches – each number was a different stretch and the dice gave us our order – plus it was fun throwing the giant inflatable dice around 😊

The children have worked on their team work, listening and perseverance skills this term and I’m looking forward to having more fun with them next term.