The TRS Teachers celebrated the King’s Coronation with lots of Educating Dance lessons, Coronation Celebrations. We danced with people of all ages and all abilities with all sorts of props, including plates, and in all sorts of places, inside and out. We love celebrating in a dance lesson.

There were so many dance lessons that we couldn’t fit it all into one blog. Find out what happened when Jenny visited Steephill School by clicking on the link below.

Coronation Celebrations at Steephill School

Ellington Infants School

I had so much fun celebrating the Kings Coronation at Ellington Infants School! 👑

All of the dancers watched a video of the British Grenadiers Trooping the Colours and talked about the way that the guards and soldiers moved as well as what instruments they could hear! We then learnt our own parade dance and tried to keep in unison just like the Kings Guards.

Year 1 and Year 2 then used flags to come up with their own choreography in small groups using the prop. Students got super creative and performed their piece at the end.

Reception class used their flags slightly differently. We worked on travelling and following the leader to “The Grand Old Duke of York” and then came up with 4 moves as a whole class.

Year 1 and Year 2 also looked at leading from different parts of the body. We distinguished the difference between how the King would and wouldn’t move (this definitely gave us some giggles!😂). Dancers then travelled one at a time down the room as the King and were coronated with a crown.

What a brilliant way to end the week!

Kirstie ⭐️

Hale Place

I had a fabulous session in the sunshine this morning at Hale Place. We started our coronation theme off with an upbeat song which lifted everyone’s spirits and got us in the party mood. We spoke about the St.Edwards crown with its many jewels before moving onto our own diamond inspired hand warmup to ‘Diamonds are Forever’. I even donned my own glittery gold crown too! 👑

We felt very patriotic with our flags and enjoyed waving them high up in the air to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Our legs also got a workout too with a line dance inspired ‘King of the Road’ dance. The particpants loved lifting their knees and tapping them and one particpant even showed off her kicks!

I had brought several balloons along with me to the session and both myself and the carers had so much fun batting them across the conservatory to each other. We even had a few ‘headers’ and kicks of them too.

We finished off our session by singing ‘God Save the King’ all together and one paryicpant even commented “what a way to end a lovely session”.

Erica 🌻

Kingswood Village

Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council put on a fantastic event for Kingswood Village. It included a bands, food, a treasure hunt and, of course some dancing! Georgina went along to deliver the lesson and Rebecca was there with her family too.

The dancers and some parents did their warm up then Georgina handed out some pictures of the things used in the coronation such as the orb, sword and sceptre. They came up with some great moves to represent these things! Then it was time for Georgina to teach them a dance… they learnt one to I Just Can’t Wait to be King from Disney’s The Lion King.

At the end we all wore crowns and showed everyone the moves. Rebecca got on the microphone to get everyone watching involved and some of the people sitting around the field danced too.

Thank you for having us Kingswood!

Active Armchairs

All the Active Armchairs Facilitators got involved with the Coronation Celebrations and brought the theme to their lessons. Everything was very patriotic.

Residents at Fort Horsted enjoyed ‘Dancing In The Streets’ with union flag plates that then became frisbees. Jenny took her white lycra into care homes and they threw on all sorts of things then tossed them around, very red white and blue! Victory House residents enjoyed dancing with Shanice’s bunting. Of course, the crowns came out too, glitter was left everywhere and everyone enjoyed wearing them or swinging them around like hoola hoops.

The music was patriotic too. Diamonds Are Forever, Elvis, Celebration, Come Together and many more.

It was great fun and full of magic moments.