Teacher TrainingThe Joy of CPD

February 2, 2022by R.Ashton

Over the coming months we have a range of Continue Professional Development (CPD) opportunities running for the TRS Teachers. The TRS Teachers are all highly trained, but still take part in regular CPD.

So why is that?

I asked the TRS Teachers and here are some of their reasons and choices…

“CPD is a great opportunity to collaborate, share experiences and ideas, it allows us to develop and renew our skills to continue to grow as teachers.” Jenny


“There is always something new to learn, a new idea to develop and its an opportunity to support each other and makes us feel part of a team” Georgia

“I love connecting with other dance teachers and gaining new inspiration and knowledge for my teaching. I also really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others.” Clare


“It supports and develops my knowledge and brings us all together to share new ideas so that we can all grow as dance teachers.” Erica

“It’s always great to share ideas with people from all different backgrounds and specialisms. Having a dance community means that there is always opportunity for growth and exploration. It’s also great to be in a room filled with people  that have the same passion as you! 💃🏻” Rachel


“For lone working freelancers, CPD days are such a brilliant way to reconnect as a team and share experiences with each other face to face. The connection, support and top tips gained from these days are priceless and always leave me feeling full of inspiration!” Steph

I think it’s clear that, for us, CPD isn’t just about learning, it’s good for our souls. We are lucky to have a supportive team who collaborate and support each other so well. CPD with TRS Training is about connection, development of self and dance practice, team work and exploration.

It’s also clear that we have had a HUGE amount of fun over the years!!!