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April 6, 2023by R.Ashton

Written by Jenny, TRS Teacher

Last term I had the pleasure of running dance club for Year 2 at Greenvale Primary. Our dance style was creative dance and our theme was ‘Space’. The children were so creative all term, worked together really well, produced some amazing ideas and danced wonderfully when performing!

We started the term by exploring astronauts and how they prepare for taking off into space. We put on our space suits and imagined we were getting in the space rocket for the first time. We also explored the emotions that the astronauts feel when going up into space. Next in groups we created space ship shapes with our bodies, working together in teams. We also played Space snakes and ladders and did a space themed assault course which they LOVED.

We also looked at the planets and created movements based on the qualities of the planets- Rock, gas and ice and created contrasting movements for each one.
We explored the rings of Saturn too and created links using different body parts to show the rings orbiting the planet.

The children’s favourite week though was when we explored the idea of gravity! This was quite a challenge imagining there was no gravity but they rose to it and created some excellent ideas.

We played games using balances and star bean bags to think about how our bodies might move if we had no gravity. We then made our own props to explore this idea further and learnt a dance sequence, suspending our props and floating them through our space. The children then created their own balances, suspending their prop in the air in lots of ways! The children were fantastic!!

On the last lesson we put our dance together and the children danced so well remembering all the parts and working really well as a team!

It has been wonderful working with such a talented group of year 2’s and I have had a blast! Well done dance club!

‘I loved doing our balances to try and show no gravity’

‘I love our space dance’

‘I loved the assault course, my favoured was balancing the star on my head’

‘I loved making our Space ship shape and working together’