EventsSanta Fun RunSanta Fun Run 2022

December 19, 2022by R.Ashton

Some of the TRS Teachers went along to The Santa Fun Run on Sunday and had an incredibly festive and fun time warming up the runners and enjoying the atmosphere! It was held by The Rotary Club of Medway at The Historic Dockyard Chatham and for the first time ever, there was a 5k and 10k run as well as the fun run with all the runners dressed as Santas. We were also joined by our friends at Medway Can. I hope you logged your dancing, walking and running miles on their website to help Medway move around the world!

We arrived in plenty of time to have a wander through The Historic Dockyard, rehearse and find out where we needed to be. Of course the snow made a huge amount of extra work and through up challenges for everyone involved, but it also made everything magical and festive. Our chilly selves sort out hot chocolate and prepared for the dancing.

This year our lovely choreography volunteers were Erica and Josie who made up the dances we’d be doing. They climbed up onto the stage and did a fantastic job, as expected!

We warmed up the 5k and 10k runners first, watched them go and then sat in the warm watching them run. We were very impressed. Although we’re quite fit and healthy, we’re not sure we could have done those runs, especially in the icy weather!!! The runners all did an amazing job.

Before warming up the Santas for the Santa Fun Run, we were treated to a performance from Bloco Fogo and, as always, we loved it and pranced around to their amazing rhythms as they played. We also got to see Olly Owl, the Friends of Wisdom Hospice’s mascot. He danced as well, always a good sport! Then it was time for the fun run warm up. Erica got on the mike, rallied everyone and got us going first. Josie had us stretching and then back to Erica for a bit of joy before the run.

After the warm up we joined the procession around the route, Bloco Fogo in the lead and making plenty of encouraging music of course! It really was spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. In fact, Erica said it was a high light of her first year with TRS. I would like to thank Josie and Erica for taking the lead, Clare and, my daughter, Gaia, for dancing with us and, of course, The Rotary Club of Medway for having us back again, we’ve been doing this since 2011!  Enjoy the video below and see you next year!