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August 24, 2023by R.Ashton

We’ve been visiting a lot of holiday clubs this summer, but one of the most special was being asked to deliver Nutrition themed Educating Dance lessons for Icon Theatre at their creative holiday clubs across Medway. Jenny’s blog post tells us all about the fun they’ve had.

Written by Jenny, Level Three TRS Teacher

I’ve had a great time over the last three weeks providing Educating Dance sessions for Icon Theatre’s holiday club across 3 sites in Medway for 8-14 year olds. The theme has been Nutrition and we have had a fun time developing our knowledge of healthy eating through games, fun fitness activities and, of course, dancing!
We explored healthy and ‘treat’ foods, the 5 food groups and the importance of a balanced diet.
We learnt a dance based on making a smoothy and then chose a ‘recipe’ to make through our dancing and moving our bodies. We played games balancing plates and bean bags on our bodies and did a healthy food relay race!

Lots of fun, games, laughter, dancing and learning at the same time 😊 I’ve loved doing Educating Dance in a holiday club setting.