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November 7, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by TRS Teacher, Georgina

This term the children from Key Stage 1 at Halling Primary School discussed the theme of the film “Encanto” and what the special gifts the family Madrigal have. This was a starting point from which the children chose which special powers they would like to have themselves. From there they invented movements that symbolised the latter.

The children developed a choreographed dance to “Surface Pressure” from the soundtrack of the movie and learn how to travel in the dance while incorporating their own movements into the composition. During the performance they used hats to help demarcate the beats of the music.

It was lovely to see the children developing their creativity and in their ability to use the space and move in time to the beat. They were also able to learn about using the space and group and themselves in different formations in order to make the dance more interesting. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic they were about learning new ways of me moving their bodies in order to explore exciting new Street Dance moves, and embody concepts from an exciting theme.