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June 21, 2022by R.Ashton

Written by Erica, TRS Teacher

Oh my goodness, I’ve just returned from a fantastic cheer dance after school club at Palace Wood Primary School! I had to write about it.

The children all came into the hall with huge smiles on their faces, eager and raring to go. Many were new faces I hadn’t meet before, but their friends who had previously attended told them fab things about the class. Sadly the club got fully booked very quickly so not everyone managed to get a space.

We started with a warm up which involved moving around the room in different ways and then making various shapes with our bodies with a partner. There were some very creative shapes made both standing, sitting and lying down. I loved this heart shape that 2 pupils made with their hands!

The energy and the music was pumping and it was time to get started!

We started by learning the basic cheer leading arm positions and put them together in small, repetitive sequences and I was super impressed at how quickly they all picked them up. During this part, one of the year 5 teachers joined the group after hearing the music which all the children loved. It was brilliant to see her come up with her own movement involving a high kick!

“I can’t wait to come back next week!”

The children worked together and let their creative juices flow, exploring and choreographing their own movements with their pom poms. It was charming to see the older pupils support and encourage the younger children during this part of the session.

The highlight came at the end of the session when they performed the routine they had learnt. One pupil said ” can we do it on our own without you as I’ve got the moves!” I loved her confidence and they all did amazing. They danced with projection, energy and most importantly, they did it with smiles on their faces. The teacher even asked me at the end of the session if it would be ok for her to join in each week. Knowing that the school and staff are supportive of cheer dance is immensely gratifying and the children had a blast with her joining in too!