The word, croquis, is French and simply means, “sketch”

10368380_292629427596253_242584825970732979_nCroquis is a traditional French art form involving models who occasionally move and artists who produce quick sketch drawings.

By linking dance with Croquis, Rebecca Ashton of The Right Step Dance Company and Artist, Marissa Mardon provide exciting opportunities for artists and new creatives.

They call them Croquis Events.

Croquis Events are open to everyone, professional artists and individuals who want to give it a go. It could be the opportunity to find inspiration for a piece of art, some evening entertainment, the chance to try something new.


“I enjoyed the taster and could have carried on for hours…it was really out of my comfort zone yet such a refreshing change to sketch quickly and with abandon, not worrying about the images being perfect nor the end result. I ended up experimenting and creating images unlike anything I have done before using unfamiliar materials (to me) such as charcoal and pastel.”
Sharon, artist

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