PrintSunday 6th July Big Dance at Medway Park. We will be there with a stall and taking part in the various workshops being held on the day.

Ginny and Maude at Sun Pier HouseSaturday 12th July
Big Dance on The Pier
12.30pm Ginny and Maude perform on The Pier
Ginny and Maude Go to The Seaside is a hilarious beach adventure for all the family. The performance will be followed by a short Charleston Dance Workshop.
1.15pm Active Armchairs Workshop
1.35pm Western Line Dancing Workshop


The River FestivalProtective Siren
Sirens performance approx. 2.25pm
The Sirens will promenade along the river bank from Sun Pier House, past Chatham’s Library and to the grassy area by the river, collecting their audience along the way.

Project Co-ordinator: Rebecca Ashton of The Right Step Dance Company

Choreographer: Lorraine Smith of Silversmith Dance Theatre

Dancers: Anais Lalange, Clare Wilders, Sophie Williams

Djembe Drummers: Jacob Bride and Jamie Godfrey

Vocals: Sue Coxon

Photography: Nikki of Nikki Price Photography




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