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Active Armchairs is The Right Step’s programme of seated dance classes and facilitator training.
Classes usually take place in a circle so that everyone can see each other though we also provide classes for larger settings. For example, in the Age UK settings we use easy to follow sequences so that anyone in the room can take part.

All of the classes consist of specially choreographed movement sequences and all classes are tailored to the organisations and the participant’s needs. For example, if you would like the class to contain standing movement as a development, we can incorporate that as well.

Read the Enhance Project Report!
Enhance was the research project run with University of Kent to understand the benefits of Active Armchairs. You can read a copy below or email us to request a copy.


Active Armchairs Square
The benefits of seated movement include the following.

– Improves circulation
– Loosens joints
– Boosts the immune system
– Improves overall health and wellbeing
– Leads to greater movement awareness
– Reduces stress and helps participants forget their worries

Seated dance is great fun and relaxing for all involved.

All you need is a chair!

Sessions can be run on a regular basis with the same dance artist for familiarity or we can organise one off events or an Active Armchairs Performance Project (a six week block of Active Armchairs classes culminating in a live or videoed performance)

“It was a shame when it ended. I wanted to keep going. It was so lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.” Alice, Resident at Woodstock Care Home, May 2016

“It’s lovely to see Betty enjoying herself, thank you”
Betty’s Daughter, Rochester Care Home, June 2016

“We miss Alix when she is not here. She has really taken time to get to know them all individually.” Care Worker, Victory House, July 2016

Please email or phone us for more information.

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