Why do you love to dance?
Because it makes me feel good! Its exciting to dance with others to share ideas and create new moves.

How did you get where you are today?
I found my interest in dance at secondary school where I became a member of their Dance Company and changed my career plan from wanting to become a veterinary nurse to a dance teacher! So I took dance A-Level and went to Chichester University where I completed a BA Hons degree in Dance Studies. I soon learnt at university, through work experience and placements, that I wanted to teach as many different people as possible so they can enjoy dance. Once I’d completed my degree I set out to do this by writing to schools, residential homes and dance companies to gain more experince which has developed into the work I do today.

What do you teach?
I mainly teach creative dance but I have had experience with Street Cheer and street dance.

Something else!????
In May 2008 and 2011 I walked 26.2 miles overnight around London for the Moon Walk to raise money for breast cancer!