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Sounding the Siren


Day one of our rehearsals for the Big Dance Sirens of Cetham event at the weekend and we were fittingly, by the water.

The Sirens and our lovely choreographer Lorraine gathered on the grass by the Mayor’s lawn to begin the creative process. Gathering our thoughts on our terrible situation… banished at sea to a lonely rock from which we are to lure unsuspecting sailors to their death for eternity.

SirensSo we worked our bodies into seductive mode, “singing” the siren’s song through dance… me the matriarch and probably the one most aware and devastated by our current situation together with my fellow sirens, the spritely, young, blue siren and the ultra seductive, red siren.

Moved by the dramatic music created by Jacob Bride we breathed our breath and worked our bodies into the movements… early days yet… more to come tomorrow.

Dipping my toes into the Sirens’ World


So… today we had our first production meeting for our Medway River Festival performance.

And we are re-creating the fantastic Lorraine Smith’s Sirens of Cetham performance which will take place on the Mayor’s Lawn in Chatham during the festival.

So, what is a Siren? Well pretty apt for me, they are sea spirits who have been banished to a rock. As a scuba diver who is currently very much land-based I can relate to this. What a shame the River Medway is not a little warmer, otherwise I would have been offering to emerge from the depths as part of the show!

Creating the SirensThe ancient story tells that apparently the Sirens did not stop Hades from taking the young Persephone into Hell, so Demeter (Persephone’s understandably distraught mother), had the Sirens banished. For eternity, they were destined to sit on their rock, helplessly drawing sailors to their deaths. Lured by their irresistible song, the young men would be drawn towards them and the rock, ultimately crashing their boats in the process. Not a cheery end for anyone.

Our promenade will be re-enacting their banishment. Dramatic. They are not evil women, maybe weren’t as brave as they needed to be for poor Persephone. Ooh we love a good old Greek myth.

So… this blog within a blog will be following our path from a Siren’s point of view.

Today we got to discuss the costumes with the lovely Rosie, chat about the story with Lorraine, meet Tendayi playing the Siren’s judge…  as well as walk the promenade checking the timing and distance.

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