Collated by Franchise Owner and TRS Teacher, Georgie.

Magic Moments – All Hands May 2020

This All Hands Meeting had a bit of a different take on magical moments, due to the current circumstances, but that didn’t stop the TRS teachers reflecting and sharing what they have found magical in the past few months…


Just before lock down happened, my last session. It was at Singlewell Primary. It wasn’t my usual class, I usually had year 4 but they couldn’t make it so I had year 6. I had to make up my plan on the spot and especially with that age group, as I knew I was going to be teaching them at some point, I wanted to really engage them. So, I used the idea of the recent app ‘TikTok’ which has lots of dances on there and got the students to teach me. It was a really nice, relaxed, fun session just before all of the schools closed and was a great way to finish work, temporarily after seeing all those smiles and laughs.


I was doing my class on zoom, and a participant asked ‘where was she’. He didn’t quite understand how I’ve come into the room. It really showed me how far technology has come.


Doing my first remote Active Armchairs session online. It was so lovely to do and seeing them onscreen still joining in with me was really impressive. I had lots of fun and so did they.


Your (the TRS Teachers) online community is lovely, your WhatsApp group is just really wonderful and great to keep in contact with everyone.


My magic moment is involved more with coronavirus, I have been helping out my neighbour and having lots of chats with him. I’ve recently made him some scones. It’s really nice to get to know him.


I haven’t taught for The Right Step for a whole term as I was one of the first ones to have my class cancelled, but I have enjoyed really getting to know my neighbours and we have all become a proper little community and we are all helping each other out.


When I was at Hoo, one of the participants wasn’t able to do dance the following term and she was listing off a bunch of reasons why she loved dance so much and how she really wanted to stay. It was just so lovely to hear.


My magical, magical moment is finding The Right Step. You guys have really helped me get my passion back because I had lost it a bit. The community you have and being part of that has helped me, personally, creatively and passionately and I have really got my spark back. And I thoroughly enjoyed dancing in a field with Georgie!


I think the magic moment for me has been seeing The Right Step posts, from 10 years ago til now. Its just been really magical watching the changes that have been made.


My magic moment has been seeing Gaia (my daughter) having dance classes with Jenny and Clare. Its been wonderful to watch how much she’s enjoyed doing her dance sessions with you both.


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