By Georgie

What’s in a TRS teacher’s bag? Or Many Bags? Or cars?!

Around a year ago, Steph did a lovely blog about ‘prop’s in the car!’ This year, we have more teachers, therefore more props and who knows what in the car! Which is why I thought we’d give you a sneak peak into a TRS teachers car….

We got the teachers to send us photos of their very busy cars. If you have ever been a passenger in a dance teachers car you’ll know that it’s a jungle in there! Trying to squeeze between pompoms, feathers, balls, bean bags, hula hoops and so much more!

So what exactly do we have in our cars?

We created a ‘general list’ here for you:

  • Our favourite props – these are our go-to props. You maybe called to cover on short notice and you never know what or who you maybe teaching.
  • Speakers – essential for any dance teacher!
  • Spare clothes/shoes.
  • Hair ties – you always get the ones that break at the most inconvenient times!
  • Water – after all, it’s very thirsty work. Not just one bottle, often a large stash of water!
  • First aid kit
  • Food – yes, we get very hungry! And you can often spot us parked up in the car enjoying a spot of lunch! Who has time to go into a café?!
  • And due to the above… perhaps a lot of empty food wrappers! *pulls embarrassed face*
  • Notebooks and pens (basically we could put any stationary store to shame!)
  • Diary… wait… DIARIES.
  • TRS Teacher pack!
  • Laptops

And, if you are also like me… I have a few added extra’s in my car:

  • TRS Promotion Banner
  • Wellies, not just for the weather… great for gumboot dancing!
  • Boot Organiser (this has been a life saver!)
  • Merchandise… just think of me as the TRS postman, well postwoman.
  • BIN! Yes, as mentioned above, I got a bit tired of having a messy car… so I purchased a bin.

We are always on the go, so we basically live in our cars, and our work does too! But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Maybe there’s a few extra you can think of? Let us know! And on the plus side, we can never get bored with all of these wonderful, colourful props to play with!

Props Collage



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