Yes May is here already!! And we had a fantastic May Day here in Medway.


Clog Dancers

Rochester as always hosted the Sweeps Festival with hordes of Morris Dancers from around the country gathering to show their best. We had clog dancing, Morris Dancing… sword dancing, and one set of Morris Dancers were really getting quite lively with whacking their metal poles together! Very dramatic (hope there were no squished fingers).

In light of this, we thought we would bring a hint of May to our Active Armchairs and Social Dance Classes this week too.

First up was Rochester Care Home where we had quite a few participants, so each one had a single jingle stick. The participants helped create our Morris Dance trying out their own ideas with the sticks and then we danced the dance. It was great! Even people who don’t usually join in, couldn’t help but take part as the bells just begged to be jingled. Jessie really enjoyed it, as being partially sighted, she found the added sound of the bells encouraged her to join in as well.


Jingle Sticks

At the end I went up to each participant and we did our own version of the stick hitting element of Morris Dancing, which I realised was particularly good for this group who sometimes struggle with coordination.

The next outing of the jingle sticks was with our Monty’s Movers… a lovely group of ladies at Montgomery Court Assisted Living. This time, with a smaller group, we were able to have two sticks each, so much clacking of sticks was undertaken throughout the dance.

What a great week for our props basket. Talking of which, we have realised just how many props we have, so do check out our facebook page for future tales of how we incorporate props into our dance classes to add a little flavour and fun.