November 2014 was the month to try out Croquis!

With Richard Squarecube, we held three taster sessions at Sun Pier House. There were different dancers to sketch each week, lovely refreshments and plenty of arts materials every week. We thought it might be nice to blog in photos as that’s really going to give you more of an idea of what Croquis is…

Taster One, ‘An Introduction to Croquis Events’
The very basics, it was really about everyone learning how to relax into it!IMG_7192 IMAG5211 (Medium)







‘It’s wonderful to have such a vigorous energetic session. It makes us respond without thinking too much about it. You can draw instinctivly then. It’s an instinctive reaction. ‘
Jenny, Artist

Taster Session Two, ‘Explore Croquis in your Own Way’
Artists who now understood Croquis a bit more brought their own materials to use, Richard bought us all a Croquis badge, we added a prop and did a dance focusing just on hands to add interest.

IMAG5342 (Medium) IMAG5321 (Medium) IMAG5324 (Medium)








‘In situ, you have to go with very broad strokes in order to capture the essence of what’s going on, but the lack of time cuts out self censure and you end up with images that you’d never draw if you had more time. I love it, it’s unlocked something in me that I never even knew was there.’
Ray, Artist

Auto Awesome Video of Croquis Events Taster Two…


We were in the paper!

Taster Event Three, ‘What Can We Do With This?’

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