So for someone who lived in the Sinai desert, you would have thought that I would know how to protect myself from the sun’s rays. But… no… after our first day’s rehearsals in yesterday’s glorious sunshine, there was a distinctive glow to my face and shoulders by evening.

So… day two saw us all slathered with sunscreen!

Of course the clouds knew this, so decided to fill the sky for us… haha one surplus bottle of factor 20 now sitting in my bag. Hmmm… me thinks we may have been a little too successful with our conjuring up of the clouds yesterday.

Day two saw us finishing the last two chunks of choreography. Sophie had her spritely, child-like section to work on and I my emotional realisation of our plight. Jacob’s dramatic music combined with Lorraine’s insightful words and my over-active imagination resulted in me genuinely feeling quite choked.

All ready for the dress-run tomorrow!