Yes it has been a very multicultural couple of weeks here at  The Right Step.

Our cross curricular classes have really been in full swing. There we use dance to enhance primary school education. And this month we seem to have been travelling the world!

First off we had National dance classes at Greenvale Infants School as part of their music week. Students from the whole school had been learning about different types of music, discovering how music can be quiet, loud, fast, slow and how it can also have different rhythms. They all then learned different national dances, with Reception getting to grips with the stately Polonaise dance from Poland, Year one the Trepak from Russia and Year two mastering the Mazurka also from Poland! Here is a quote from the day:

Processed with Moldiv‘Me and Yatunday were the first and second to be walking down the yellow line. We did Russian dancing. It was brilliant.’
Paige about Russian and Polish Dance at Music Week, Greenvale Infants School, June 2014

This week we moved to warmer climes. With the World Cup, Balfour Infants School had their Brazilian week, Singlewell went all Bollywood on us, and Hilltop Primary School in Frindsbury were learning Samba as part of their Caribbean week.

I was teaching the Samba class and had been warned that some of the lads refused to dance… just didn’t like it. But today they did… all the lads were going for it as we learned the core elements of the Samba movements. Being a fairly complex version of the shimmy, I chose to break it right down for them and was so impressed with the results. We had some fantastic Basic Samba steps going on, we moved on to the Box Step and even got in the Box Step and Kick taking the choreography up a notch. Brilliant stuff.

Hmmm so… where will we be off to next?