So we are always wracking our brains for new and creative ideas that we can use in our classes, both for our school children and for our adults too. There is nothing like a new prop, toy or game to lift people’s spirits and add a new sparkle to a class.

So Active Armchairs practitioner and our company director Becky came up with a great idea recently… silly hats.

Having scouted the local charity shops for some suitable headpieces she turned up at her Durland House session a couple of weeks ago armed with an array, the likes of which the mad hatter would have been proud.

Happy Hats

Happy Hats

And the residents loved it! Armed with a camera as well, she was able to show them the fruits of their work too. Dancing and posing in their hats to the music playing musical hats, brought a smile to the faces of the whole group. Great stuff. Another winner… so it was off to St Nicholas Day Care Centre and Byron Lodge to see if their guests enjoyed the game too…

Success all around. We have another game to add to our repertoire.

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