This week we had our “All Hands Meeting”. An event held twice a year, it is a chance for our teachers to meet each other, find out how The Right Step has been doing over the previous six months, and hopefully learn something new as well.

First things first… it was time for teas, coffees and cakes! Nothing like a good blast of sugar to feed the brain (if temporarily).

So… the news was good… we have more participants, more classes, more teachers and we have achieved our major goal for the year. We have an office! You may have already seen that we are now located at the hub of creativity Sun Pier House along with a whole host of artists and visionaries, with of course a fantastic on site cafe. We just have to change our meeting days from a Monday now so that everyone can take advantage of their fantastic cakes, coffees and teas.

The path to social media mastery

Finally, as usual, we held a short workshop.We discussed the possibility of hosting company classes between ourselves to keep our own inspirational processes flowing. We discussed our classes and shared a few tips and tricks as well… nothing like sharing a problem in order to halve it.

This workshop was led by myself in order to share something of what I know about using social media to promote dance classes, companies and projects.

Being naturally visual learners, I had created an infographic to help us along our path to mastery, and a short game in which we tweeted, posted and pinned our way to success! I introduced Georgia to her new addiction “Pinterest” (so visual, us pickie lovers adore it!) and helped Sophie create her own Facebook business page. I had already discussed the advantages of using a page versus a personal profile on that one too.

I think success was achieved by everyone, and hopefully, with our practical game, the session was not too dry and typical of an IT training session.