A cross a curricular dance workshop with Clare at The Rights Bay Shindig

A cross a curricular dance workshop with Clare at The Rats Bay Shindig

Dance yourself Dizzy!

Yes, the long awaited Rats Bay Shindig was held last weekend, launching the re-opening of the Sun Pier on the banks of the Medway. We teamed up with AMG Freedom Dance, to provide a complete melange of workshops with dance styles, taking us from one side of the globe to the other.With a gloriously sunny start to the event, children from both The Right Step and AMG Dance performed on the pier itself, taking us from balletic Mary Poppins through to funky jazz with “Upside Down”. The audience and The TRS Teachers then joined in and learned the routines. It was a fun dance by the water.
This set an eclectic tone for the entire weekend’s workshops where we travelled the globe from the bouncing pom poms of US cheerleading and fun Charleston dancing, to a tropical “Where the Wild Things Are” from the fabulous Bollywood dancing of India to the stomping, wellie-slapping Gumboot dancing from South Africa.We also enjoyed some live dance performances including the delightful “Ginny and Maude go to the Seaside” and a funky fusion from three of our TRS Teachers. One of our most lively workshops turned out to be the Active Armchairs session, where we had a huge circle of seated dancers, and Pete the security guard gave us an inspired Dick Van Dyke impression.By dusk on Sunday we had tried them all, zig-zagged the world, and our most prolific workshop participant Isabella had declared “It was
Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!!!” …fantastic!
Richard painting Ginny and Maude at The Rats Bay Shindig

Richard painting Ginny and Maude at The Rats Bay Shindig

Artistic Flare

As well as dance, many other art forms and interests were represented at the Shindig. These included everything from, drawing and painting to T-shirt printing and Mini art. There was also some incredible edibles in the form of crepes from Crepe In Your Face and game burgers. The  Sun Pier Gallery and Tea Room was open, we really liked the cardboard piano and there were other displays as well. WOW Magazine, LV21, The KAB Coconut Shy to name a few. Every stall brought a new thing to talk and think about.
On the Sunday we were excited to see Sun Pier House artist, Richard Jeferies, set up a huge canvas a begin to paint Ginny and Maude who had performed that day!
Thank You!

It took a lot of work to bring dance to The Rats Bay Shindig and we have these people for their wonderful help…
Alix Godden (from AMG Dance)
Clare Wilders (Social Media Whizz)
Emma Perry
Georgia Smith
Lawrence Hoar
Lorraine Smith (Instantly Theatrical)
Sophie Fuller
Sophie Williams (Instantly Theatrical)
Steph Vezmar
Taigh Giles
Vicky Branton

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